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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fifty Shades of Hesitation

   Should I or should I not buy—and read—Fifty Shades of Grey? Call me a snob but worldwide media hype about a book, film or triangle player is usually enough to put me off. However, am I not missing out on a cultural phenomenon here? Just consider the amazing number of people who not only read it but subsequently ran to their local sex and music shops and stepped out with armloads of CDs by Britney Spears, Chopin, and the Tallis Scholars, as well as with various silk or leather or studded or wobbling contraptions. Unless of course this is part of the hype too. Has any serious study proved that all this happened? Did it happen before they said it was happening? So back to the old problem: so many books, so little time. Should I or shouldn’t I? Henry Miller wrote an essay called “To Read or Not to Read” which might help all “hesitating purchasers” like myself. Just follow the link below—the text is very short, less than 4 pages. (Scroll up as the link will take you to page 160 while the beginning is on page 157.) Isn’t it fun reading it with E. L. James’s novel in mind?

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